i still have 8 pages of this stupid magazine to draw and i dont want to

Radical KnitwearHussein Chalayan, Echoform collection, autumn/winter 1999–2000. Chalayan developed ranges of knitwear in the late 1990s (with the assistance of Winni Lok) which have become a permanent feature of the catwalk. At first glance, the knitwear appears very traditional, but often there is a twist. An extreme example is this fully fashioned wool/cashmere dress which from the front appears straightforward, but is in fact backless, with an integrated skirt.

Knitwear in Fashion by Sandy Black

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Martin Margiela Spring/Summer 1997

I really don’t want to get into this school this year, but I really want to show that I can get into it if I wish so. So that’s a bit of a dilemma rtn.

do you guys remember there was this Comme Des Garçons store in Japan or somewhere that was made entirely of concrete and clothes were given from a single counter and it closed in like 4 months?

Do you know where exactly and when was it?


Daft Punk Unmasked