dyaphanum aka the girl who always complain about both of her countries. like non-stop.

You wanna know something?

so last year during the Gezi protests in Istanbul a guy died (Ethem), he was shot by a policeman. During the “trial” the government noticed that the part of the security footage showing the policeman shooting Ethem “disappeared”. so the “trial” did not follow up.

and now they are suing the family of Ethem because they were “bothering” the policeman who shot their son, who was never convicted for the life he’d taken.

like what the fuck. how.

S/S 97

“Togetherness is a warm tub: Adults and children crowd a small public pool in Reykjavik to soak in natural hot water drawn from nearby springs.”
august 1969
national geographic

Welcome to the dictatorship that is Turkey ladies and gentlemen.
They just announced the reforms.

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Missing this beauty

I would love to cut personally Erdoğan’s head