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remember when karl lagerfeld said that adele was “a little too fat”

and congratulated carine roitfeld for having julia turn out the way she did because “it would have been difficult to have an ugly daughter”

and said on french television that “the hole in social security, it’s also [due…

Bourdieu makes me want to kill myself

Of course IS is adapting to airstrikes what did they fucking expect jeez they have no idea what they got into


Anish Kapoor, Descent into Limbo, Cubed building with a dark hole in the floor. This is a space full of darkness, not a hole in the ground. 6×6×6m. Documenta IX, Kassel, Germany.
Anonymous: isin dogrusu, 9 senedir kapaliyim aslinda...bu sene burda universiteye baslayinca acildim ama evdekilerin haberi yok. beni yakaladiklari zaman oldum gibi bisey demektir. evden kacmayi dusundum ama param yok haha. sozlerin icin tesekkur ederim, hele son cumlen :-) hangi universiteden bahsettigini sorabilirmiyim? bu arada kusura bakma turkce klavyem yok

Eger bu sekilde idare edebiliyorsan tabi stay there. Ama you seem sick of hiding, of course do what’s best for you and don’t do anything that might jeopardize your education and future. If you are serious about your studies you could get out of there soon enough… ah don’t worry I don’t have a turkish keyboard either. 

Istanbul’da ITU, Galatasaray, Bogazici, Marmara, Mimar Sinan, Yildiz Teknik, Istanbul Universitesi. Izmir’de Dokuz Eylul ve Ege Universitesini biliyorum, Ankara’da Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi var. Tabi bunlar sadece benim bildiklerim, daha cok var, eminim if you look into it you’ll find many. Ve bildiklerim Bogazici, Mamara ve Galatasaray’da hocalar, babam bir aralar Bilgi’de ogretiyordu ama it’s a private one.

Anonymous: ok so uh i live somewhere in europe and my parents expect me to be some conservative muslim supporting erdogan and all, i think you know what i mean. last summer they were like basortusu baglamassan seni turkiyede birakacagiz, universiteye gidemezsin blabla :/ they're really driving me crazy yani if i stay out past 6 they think i'm fucking someone or something like that. idk what to do and i cant tell my white friends since they wouldn't understand it...

oh I’m sorry for you, it must be really hard. You’ve probably tried this already but try to explain to them that you have a different view on life than they do, reassure them by saying that you still believe in God and that you still feel like you belong to your religion, hani inaniyorsun ama daha bir moderate sekilde. That’s what happens when you grow in a cultural mix and in a different place than where your parents did. 

But you know Turkiye’de iyi universiteler var. Eger seni Turkiye’ye gonderirlerse they won’t be able to control what you do, even if your relatives do, schools are mostly public, I mean the good ones, you could get a job and go to college at the same time and support yourself. I know it won’t be easy and it’s way easy to say than to actually do it but if your parents are really harsh and not understanding your different point of view then that’s really the only option you have, you have got to take control of your life at some point and do whats most comfortable for you, they can’t force you into takmak the basortu and keep you under surveillance 24h.

contact me if you need further help i can try to get into contact with some professors I know in turkish universities (can’t promise but i will try, really). or if you even need moral support.

i naturally look mean but it keeps the weak people away

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Today is Hussein Chalayan day so it’s a very good day